As Academic Writing test Module is Called Task 1 & Task 2 in the Writing Exam. Task 1 in Academic Writing Test Module a Candidate required to write down a Description of at least 150 words. These Writing Materials are based on Table,Diagram,Chart,Pie-Chart,Process, Maps. Where the Candidate has to Prove his Proficiency to Produce a Report with Presenting Information in the Report writing, Summarizing main features of Given Visual Ads and input.
Task 2 in Academic Writing Test Module a CandidateRequired to Write an Essay of at least 250 words in response to a Question or an Opinion.The Issues raised are accessible and Effortlessly  Understandable  by a Candidate Entering in Under or Postgraduate Studies in English Speaking Countries.Candidates  are Expected  to illustrate/Demonstrate  their Writing Abilities in a Discussable Abstracted issues, Present a solution to real Problems, fully Present a Justifying support an Opinion in Task, Comparative and Contrast Evidence with Completely Addressed Opinion and Implications, Evaluate whole Challenging Ideas, giving Evidence or an Arguments