Proper grammar is essential to communicating well in English. This beginner course introduces the fundamental aspects of English grammar and explains how they should be applied in written and spoken English.

The first section of this course explains the role of grammar in English. Following this, the importance of punctuation is described. The course also explains the different parts of speech and the role they play in English sentences. Finally, the course introduces all of the tenses used in the English language. The tenses are explained in videos which include multiple sample sentences.

This course is ideal English language students who wish to complement their vocabulary and phrases with a greater understanding of grammar. It is also suitable for native English speakers who want to revise their grammar or learn to communicate more effectively.r for indefinite leave to remain or citizenship, IELTS Life Skills is the test for you.

IELTS Life Skills

Level I: Beginning
Students who require this basic level of ESL will take courses that cover:
Speaking and Pronunciation
Language Skills (grammar)
Reading and Writing

Level II: High Beginning
Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation:

Development of everyday conversation skills: introducing, describing, asking for information, making suggestions, etc.
Development of listening comprehension skills.
Development of pronunciation.

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