Advanced level grammar structures such as reported speech, conditional sentences, adverbial phrases and more. These English grammar resources for advanced level learners can be used in class or used for self study purposes.
Advanced level, most of the time you can effectively use complex language and communicative strategies on general topics, and also on familiar, specific topics. You demonstrate a high level of fluency and precision in syntax or vocabulary. Errors are only more evident when you are under pressure. There is an emerging ability for you to convey and understand subtle variations in meaning. Native speakers can easily understand you. When listening, you understand normal, native speech. You understand most complex language, especially on familiar topics. Your understanding may decrease when you are under pressure. Native English speakers may need to adjust their speech in order for you to understand fully, as you may not grasp all details and regional or cultural differences.

Can understand native speakers of everyday Standard English, even when not being directly addressed, and can therefore take part in normal interaction on almost the same terms as a native speaker. Can produce speech fluent enough to convey feeling, to argue and maintain a point of view, or to convey complex information (e.g. explaining a process) to a listener. In reading, can use specialist books written in English to acquire specialist knowledge (including new terminology), can recognize and respond to different styles of writing and, to some extent, to shades of meaning. Can write fluently and with relatively few errors, not only on any topic but also in a range of styles (e.g. narrative, formal argument, business letters, and prepared public speaking).
Native speaker standard in every skill, with two major differences: a) in understanding, a lack of long familiarity with English culture (e.g. television programmers’) may make some accents, dialects and cultural references less accessible than they would be to a native speaker; b) on the other hand, a Proficient student may well be more at home – in all skills – with the more academically educated kind of English used in colleges, textbooks etc., than is normal with native speakers taken as a whole.


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